GTA 6 getting closer? Music producer reveals his involvement in a BIG Rockstar project

Grand Theft Auto V, despite its venerable age, continues to grind impressive numbers and it doesn’t seem like Rockstar is planning to pull the plug on support anytime soon.

Despite this, fans of the series have long been waiting for news on the next chapter of the series, the much-rumored GTA 6 that will surely exist, we just don’t know when it will become concrete. Could its release be closer than expected?

Rumors and rumors about GTA6 are now on the agenda, but it seems that this time we have something more “concrete” in our hands: the record producer Chiko Kan would in fact have made public an email from Rockstar Games, in which he anticipates the arrival of great news.

The email in question is a response from Rockstar to some test tracks sent to the videogame giant to evaluate possible partnerships: in it, Richard Barnes, Rockstar’s international communications manager, confirms to Kan the intention to work with his label to provide for the music of some projects set for 2021.

Also in the email, it is said that it is not possible to reveal in advance the identity of these projects but that one of them will be “big”, a word written in capital letters.

As always, without direct confirmation, we cannot say with certainty that he is talking about Grand Theft Auto 6, but all the speculations are pointing in that direction.

Some music savvy fans looked at Chiko Kan’s Spotify page to see if his music could pair well with a GTA and, in fact, wouldn’t look bad at all.

What we’re all wondering is: will it really be GTA6? Or is Rockstar working on a new IP or the return of another franchise?

The times are certainly ripe for a next-gen Grand Theft Auto but, at the moment, we can’t help but wait for the first official news of the company.

Source: Dexerto

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