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It Takes Two Review

publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Hazelight Studios
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC
Proven version PS5
Kind Adventure, Platform Game
Game mode Multiplayer (Local, Online)
Tongue Texts in Italian


It Takes Two is precious : it can only be tackled with one other person in split-screen co-op locally or online, just like its spiritual predecessor, A Way Out . It is precious because it tells the story of a couple on the verge of divorce who, due to a mysterious spell generated by their daughter’s pain, find themselves turned into rag dolls.

The adventure in platform sauce leads the protagonists, that is Cody and May , to face continuous challenges and adversities that, with allegories and reality, rattle off the difficulties of love relationships and play on the importance of teamwork. The theme is complex but is told lightly, without however neglecting many touches of class and exciting moments in a very sweet narrative, full of films that wink at Pixar style .


Regardless of the section addressed, It Takes Two always boasts, at all times, a reactive and intuitive control system . The intricacy of A Way Out is now a distant memory because Hazelight’s latest work is well finished: we like how the characters move, their speed, how the jumps (and double-jumps) are calculated, but also everything. what is related to interactions with the environment.

It is enriched with new mechanics at a more than regular cadence, sewn on the rhythm of the narration: it is linear, but also hints at open areas with small secondary activities. The action is always very readable and the situations spray creativity  from all pores. In fact, one never ceases to be amazed, in an experience that enhances cooperative mechanics: puzzles based on the use of a half magnet, firefights in which each player has a complementary weapon to the other, sections where one must prepare the path for each other, and much more. It does not shine for depth, but certainly for an assortment of situations.

Despite being a collaborative adventure, hidden and scattered throughout the levels there are some really well done competitive mini-games , with which to challenge your partner. There are so many to enjoy, including chess, slot cars and even a nice reinterpretation of the classic “mole-catcher” , where one player will play the mole, while the other will hold the hammer: it’s our favorite!


The strength of the experience is its multifaceted soul . It starts from a base made of adventure, action and a strong platform title component, and then constantly changes rules: it explores many types of video games directly connected to what happens in the story. It changes shape and becomes a game of planes, cars, a fighting game, a shooter and the amazing thing is that it not only works, but is also consistent with the structure. This helps the experience to remain fresh and curious , one of the most varied in the entire videogame panorama.

That said, this continuous change of register which, we repeat, often maintains a platform principle  , does not allow some ideas to develop properly . Indeed, to be honest, sometimes they end on the most beautiful: it is clearly a choice to keep the interest and pace high, and it succeeds great, but on more than a couple of occasions we would have preferred some sections to be longer. After all, it is the price to pay for such a varied adventure.


The longevity of It Takes Two is around 15 hours , a surprising and frankly perfect overall duration, also by virtue of the quality placed in the packaging of the contents, from which the aforementioned minigames also stand out which, once unlocked, can be replayed directly from the menu whenever you want. In general, we perceive the desire to include as much content as possible, the desire to give the maximum in the story and in the rhythm.


The key point around which the gameplay of It Takes Two revolves is the (almost) constant presence of the split screen , even if you play online. The device is used not only for solving puzzles, but also as a directorial solution, changing smoothly according to the situation. It is now a signature of Hazelight’s titles, with which the studio plays and experiments: we assure you that you will be surprised by the use it makes, even if we admit that we wanted a few more sections in full screen, therefore without the separation.

The interactivity with the environment is also surprising : objects that have no purpose in the continuation still enjoy concrete effects and reactions, thus making the universe alive. To say, there is a room full of functioning musical instruments, which produce sounds faithful to reality, but similar examples can be done in avalanches, but we prefer not to spoil the surprise.


Our tests were consumed on a PS5 , where  It Takes Two is simply very  pleasing to the eye . It does not impress for the quantity of polygons, but certainly for the variety of scenographies, the beauty of the scenery and obviously for its very sweet style. The atmosphere you breathe is that of Toy Story : after all, you can experience home environments and gardens with the eyes of small toys. We did notice some frequent uploads by PS5 standards, but we have to consider that we enjoyed it together with a PS4 player, so they are adapted accordingly.


It will not enjoy memorable music, but they certainly do their duty in accompanying the moments and above all the many changes of pace of the adventure. What surprised us is certainly the dubbing : we admit that the absence of the Italian voices is sorry , given the presence of many films, yet the English ones have created a painstaking work , from which a great enthusiasm emerges.


It Takes Two arrives on the shelves of physical and digital stores at a price of € 39.99. The price is excellent considering the quality and duration of the experience, also by virtue of the presence of a Friend Pass that  can be freely downloaded for  free  from the related stores. In practice, only one copy is enough to be able to play in two, since the second player can download the full game client for free: however, he will not be able to earn trophies or host games, only take the place of the guest and participate in those started by those who owns, in fact, the full version. In addition, PS5 (or Xbox Series X) players  can play with PS4 (or Xbox One) users  and vice versa: therefore the cross-platform it is only possible on platforms of the same family.


Final judgement

It Takes Two

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is an exceptional cooperative video game, one to be jealously guarded on the shelf and in the heart. Maniacally curated and constantly amazed, Hazelight Studios’ latest effort is an explosion of creativity, a hymn to love and to the videogame made with love. Unmissable.

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