Binary Star Falling into Darkness announced for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam

Spike Chunsoft has announced Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness the first video game dedicated to the Made in Abyss anime. As for the video game, it is a new role-playing game for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam coming in 2022 .

Made in Abyss is the anime that made Hideo Kojima fall in love. Behind a childish aspect, there is a dramatic and violent story, definitely not suitable for minors.

At this address you can find the official website, still rather stingy with information. You can find some images of the game, which we report below, the platforms and little else.

The story, overseen by Akihito Tsukushi, will feature an unknown Cave Raider, who will sink into the depths of the earth as Riko and her robot Reg. The game appears to be a Japanese-style RPG with an action footprint .

Made in Abyss is available in our country on Netflix, Prime Video and VVVID .

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