Update 1.67 available today

Today’s available update 1.67 of Apex Legends, which introduces the heroine Valkyrie, the new Arena mode, the new Bocek weapon, the news in the Olympus map and marks the beginning of season 9, Origins.

Electronic Arts have officially launched Apex Legends season 9, Origins, introducing numerous new features to the game. Among the most anticipated contents of patch 1.67 there is certainly the new heroine, Valkyrie, immediately entered the hearts of fans due to her art design and her story strongly linked to the imagery of the original Titanfall saga.

Other important innovations concern the introduction of the Arena mode, strongly focused on 3 vs 3 firefights, the changes to the map of the main mode (Olympus), and the new weapon, Bocek. The latter is a high-precision bow that allows you to deal high damage at medium range.

Finally, as anticipated at the beginning of the news, Season 9 of the game begins today, introducing a new Season Pass with numerous contents to unlock. For more information on Apex Legends balancing news, the developers shared the full patch notes on EA’s official website.

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