These new projectors with Android TV look great (photo)

XGIMI HORIZON and HORIZON Pro aim for the high end and seem to have all the credentials

XGIMI, a brand known for its smart projectors with Android (and not only), among which we reviewed the MoGo Pro, presented the new top of the range 2021: HORIZON and HORIZON Pro , two projectors that promise to truly recreate the experience cinematic (and not only) at home.

The main difference between the two models lies in the resolution : XGIMI HORIZON Pro is a 4K projector capable of up to  300 inches  ( assuming you have a large enough wall), with a brightness of 2,200 ANSI lumens , while HORIZON stops at 1080p with a brightness of 2,000 lumens .

Thanks to the patented X-VUE technology the image quality is optimized according to the scene, using a motion compensation that should make even the action scenes clearly visible, without jitter or image delays.

XGIMI has not focused only on video, but also on audio, and in partnership with Harman Kardon  (which is now almost everywhere) has included in both projectors a 16W full range speaker, with object-based surround sound , and Bluetooth support, so you can also use it to listen to your favorite music.

Obviously present the automatic keystone correction ( Automatic Keystone Correction ), including an AI-powered system that avoids obstacles on the projection area and adjusts the image accordingly, even if it is projected sideways. The auto focus also works even when the projector is moved, so that the image is always clear and sharp.

The smart part is then entrusted to Android TV , therefore including Chromecast support , in order to simplify the projection of contents, which therefore do not necessarily require connection cables to external sources. There is no lack of TÜV’s Eye Comfort certification , and the projectors also reduce the emission of blue blue light , for long projections without eye fatigue.

It should be noted that XGIMI indicates  the duration of the projectors of the HORIZON series in over 10 years (30,000+ hours), a testament to what it believes in the quality of these products.

Finally, note the design , with rounded corners, glossy parts combined with other opaque parts with a mesh pattern, but with an eye to solidity, as they are all made of aluminum. The only difference is in the color: HORIZON is in space-age gray , while the Pro model in matte black .

XGIMI HORIZON PRO will have a price of € 1,699 while the full HD model stops at € 1,099 , figures that basically seem more than commensurate with the quality put in place. They will be available both on the official store and on Amazon from 20 June 2021 .


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