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Iliad’s  commercial policy  is increasingly characterized by the winning combination of reduced costs and advantageous promotions for consumption thresholds. In recent weeks, however, the French manager has decided impressing a change of pace: the  trials  of  5G  shows the desire to access in services for the trans operator.

Iliad, stop app on iPhone and Android: the bad news for subscribers

In a gradual path, Iliad will increasingly increase investments for 5G technology. Already in the coming months, the high-speed connection will represent a certainty  for all subscribers of the French operator.

If Iliad’s 5G represents a guarantee, such a speech will not be possible instead for another service long invoked by subscribers: the official app. In fact, in recent weeks, the manager continues its policy of renouncing an app for  Android  and  iPhone.  After three years from its debut in Italy, customers who have an active SIM with Iliad to manage their tariff plan will not be able to rely on an app on the Google Play Store or App Store, but on  the official website.

Android users feel the absence of an official app the most. Only until last year, in fact, through the virtual store Google Play Store, each user could download parallel apps useful precisely for managing the Iliad tariff profile. To date, these apps are no longer available: among them the most popular, Personal Area , has also been eliminated  

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