If you use Android Auto this free app is for you

If you use Android Auto you must seriously consider Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD), an application for Android smartphones designed to allow the installation and use of third-party applications with the infotainment system made by Google .

All apps ready for Android Auto

The application has been developed for all users with Android smartphones without root so they can finally download all third-party applications without getting lost in strange steps, download the APK and other problems. Once installed, a basic interface shows the applications available for AAAD divided into various categories; a simple tap starts the download of the latest version of the app available to be used on Android Auto. “ The main goal of this app is to have the apps listed in Android Auto with a pain-free experience and most importantly, without requiring a rooted phone ,” the developer points out.


android auto apps downloader download link

Why should an Android user consider Android Auto Apps Downloader? From 2018 onwards, following a change made by Google, third-party applications cannot be installed on Android Auto. AAAD uses a simple trick that bypasses this limitation.

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