Fortnite: Epic Games has paid Sony for cross-play on PS4

Certainly many of you will remember that, in the days when Microsoft and Nintendo were pushing for cross-play as its staunch supporters, Sony was adamant against it . The big and real dilemma, however, arose when the cross-play for Fortnite between the PlayStation 4 version and that of the other platforms was blocked . With the launch in these days of the legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games (which recently acquired ArtStation ), thanks to The Verge some documents have emergedwhose contents prove all Sony’s contempt for cross-play on its console, considered by no means “a sure shot, no matter the size of the title”.

So when the Japanese company finally agreed to cross-play , in addition to letting millions of players breathe a sigh of relief, it was also able to see the benefits that came out of it. However, according to a document on “cross-play policies, requirements and processes” dated August 2019 , Sony would have instituted a shareholding fee for cross-play revenue . This means that a publisher had to pay royalties to the manufacturer of the console if PlayStation players significantly impacted the performance of the title in order to ” compensate for the reduction in revenue “.

The Verge report was then updated with some considerations by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney , who stated that “under certain circumstances Epic will have to pay additional revenue to Sony “, as “if someone were playing mainly on PlayStation, but were paying on the iPhone, then this could activate a compensation ”. Sweeney also openly stated that paying these fees is what ultimately led Fortnite to support cross-play on PlayStation 4 .

It is not known whether other publishers have been subjected to the same treatment and, if so, to what extent. Either way, this would explain Sony’s sudden shift towards cross-play. We at will obviously keep you updated on upcoming developments. In the meantime, let us know your opinion with a comment!


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