Android Auto: AAAD to install apps

To download all apps on Android Auto more easily, you can use the Android Auto Apps Downloader ( AAAD ) installer .

Let’s see what it is and what procedure to follow to install it.

What is Android Auto Apps Downloader?

Android Auto Apps Downloader is an application available for Android smartphones developed by Gabriele Rizzo.

AAAD is the perfect solution to unload app third party without having to follow complex procedures required since Google made some limitations.

The app AAAD in fact consists of an installer, thanks to which users have no root phone have the option to run the download in safety all applications .

How to Download AAAD

Installing AAAD is pretty straightforward – you’ll just need to grant Chrome installation permissions.

From GitHub you can download a free version that offers a download every 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can also purchase the premium version if you want to download the apps without limitations.

How does it work?

Once AAAD is downloaded , users are shown all available third-party apps on the home screen , grouped into different categories.

To start the download of the desired app, simply touch the icon and, once downloaded, it will be available both from Android Auto and from the smartphone.

Among the numerous applications that users can use are Screen2Auto, which shows the smartphone display, the Carstream and Fermata Auto multimedia players, AA Passenger and many others.

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The security of Android Auto

For many users, the use of applications while driving has now become part of everyday life.

The app undoubtedly offers numerous features to those who are driving, but it is good to keep in mind that the infotainment systems should not be a distraction.

In fact, to drive safely it is essential to remain alert and attentive to what is happening on the road by minimizing the use of applications while driving.

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