Ethereum, the platform is worth 366.1 billion. Outrun Bank of America and Disney

Ginettaccio Bartali would have said that ” everything is wrong for him, everything has to be redone “. And then, without launching into false moralisms or attempts to turn into bigots of the modern economy, it is really surprising to see that today the capitalization of the Ethereum blockchain platform is worth 366.1 billion dollars , almost 20 more than Bank of America . Is it finance, babe? Yes, but to the eye something is not working very well.

And it is dismayed that an intangible currency, which response to few rules and no regulation – “at the top” we start talking about some norm, but we are really in its infancy – is valued more than the historic American credit institution , which has in the belly mortgages, loans, liquid and illiquid assets, offices, employees, desks (only temporarily empty).

On the one hand, an economy that, however wrong, however fallacious – as shown by the 2008 crisis – has always shown that it can be governed, stopped and regulated. On the other, opaque platforms, which should represent an alternative to turbo-capitalism but show that they have even more macroscopic defects. In the middle, the Coinbase listing, which claims the digital asset trading system around 60 billion dollars.

Not to mention the big brother of Ether, Bitcoin is now worth over 850 billion on the stock market and that has attracted the attention of another “Pied Piper” like Elon Musk , one able to capitalize with Tesla hundred billion more than in Volkswagen or Toyota with an infinitesimal production of cars. It invested nearly two billion in January, prompting an immediate surge in valuation. Translated : Elon Musk and his people had a capital gain of one billion in the span of a couple of months. Things never seen before.

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