Ethereum Classic: site down on boom day

On the day of the umpteenth boom of Ethereum Classic – which in the last 24 hours was among the 5 most traded cryptocurrencies on the market – the  official website of the project  goes  offline . Panic among those who have approached this cryptocurrency for the first time in a few hours. But there is very little to worry about.

Meanwhile, the small technical setback hasn’t stopped the tens of thousands of investors looking to take advantage of the  positive trend , which has sent ETC back above its short-term targets.

The unreachable site   – we remember – does not block exchanges and brokers. Those who want to  trade  on ETC in these hours can find it from eToro  (here for a free demo account)  allows you to invest in Ethereum Classic – and also inserts it within its  CopyPortfolios . In addition, we can also copy those who already invest in this cryptocurrency with  CopyTrading  – a service also used to  spy on  the investments of the best traders.

The Ethereum Classic site is down: the fault of an expired certificate

Curious what has happened in the last few hours at  Ethereum Classic . The official website of the project cannot be reached from the night between Saturday and Sunday, which has created many worries for those who do not know the  solidity  of the project and the staff that manages it. In reality it was a trivial problem of expired SSL certificates, as correctly reported by the ETC Cooperative, a charitable foundation that deals with the development of ETC.

Nothing to worry about, therefore, with the problem that should return in the next few hours and with a  mirror of the site that is already active at this address . Not that this is for investing: as we have seen, exchanges continue to function fully on all brokers and exchanges that offer this cryptocurrency on the list.

  • What about the boom? What is happening at ETC?

In reality, ETC has been experiencing a moment of great vivacity for a few weeks now, partly due to a sort of resistance to the next evolutions of Ethereum (which in 2022 will profoundly renew the protocol, passing to PoS), partly due to a development that continues to be constant for ETC, as demonstrated by the latest IOHK Development Update.

The rest, yes, is attributable to a short and medium-term speculation that is involving several  altcoins , which after the contractions of two weeks ago have recovered their losses and are relaunching towards a new  bullish season  for the entire sector.

Investing in Ethereum Classic yes or no?

In our opinion, we are very close to the medium-term targets – as we indicated in our forecasts on Ethereum Classic  and corrections will be possible in the short term. Ethereum Classic usually contradicts predictions, even in the short term – and therefore everything must be taken with the proverbial pliers. Approaching the market with due caution is absolutely necessary.

Without worrying too much about what happened on the official website of the project. These small problems can happen and tell us nothing about the actual quality of the project.

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