an internal document incenses the blockbuster PS4

During the now well-known legal dispute between Apple and Epic for Fortnite payments on iOS, several internal documents emerged on the net brought to court by “Mike” and “Jon”, two members of the Xbox Team called to analyze the work done from Sony’s competition with The Last of Us 2 project.

The documents in question, produced by the parties involved in the broader trial analysis on the consequences of the bitter opposition between Apple and Epic for the liberalization of payment systems on platforms such as the App Store, open an indirect window on the strategies pursued by Microsoft to evolve its own ecosystem of products and services.

In addition to the leak related to future earnings for development teams on Xbox consoles, the documentation that emerged online and resumed by the users of the ResetEra forum allows fans to find out what Microsoft thinks of TLOU 2 and the work done by Naughty Dog . The analysis of the Redmond house took the form of a review : “Mike” and “Jon” of Team Xbox discuss the numerous merits of the Neil Druckmann masterpiece , praising above all the graphics sector and the narration .

As for the gameplay , the two members of the Xbox Team start from the praise of aspects such as artificial intelligence or the magnitude of the scenarios to reach their own conclusions by reporting (presumably to Microsoft executives) that they were not particularly impressed by the shooter mechanics . In closing analysis, the representatives of the Xbox Team underline how it is “extremely rare to see the launch of a game like The Last of Us Part 2, a title that aims to carry on the art of storytelling within a videogame experience. […] We liked The Last of Us 2 a lot, we had a lot of fun playing it and we find ourselves thinking about its characters and their stories even after the adventure is over ” .

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