The Sorare phenomenon explodes, a trading card platform based on the Ethereum blockchain

There are dozens of platforms for fantasy football, a unique platform of its kind, has also been online for about a year.

So rare is an Ethereum blockchain-based trading card market where you can buy and sell players from the 20 most important leagues in the world and earn rewards based on your score on the leaderboard. The user can create different formations with the cards owned, participating in different competitions such as the Global Under 23, the Champions League or the one dedicated only to rare cards. Player performance, which influences the scores in the platform, is that provided by Opta , the sports data provider that has also recently acquired the Italian startup Wyscout .

Sorare now has 55,000 users and generated 1 million euros in sales volume last November. The transactions of the trades in the player market and the characteristics of the cards are recorded on the Ethereum network, and this ensures the uniqueness and transparency of the operations and the history of each card. One of Sorare ‘s strengths is the quantity of clubs and players it offers under license, with original badges and faces: recently, as regards the Italian clubs, Inter joined the already present Juventus, Lazio, Naples and Rome. , but new ones are announced every week.

You don’t need to use a money deposit to get started, because basic team composition only requires community cards that don’t come with a price. In addition to earning based on performance influencing team scores, users can also sell cards of players who improve at a higher price, both in currency (Euro) and in cryptocurrency (Ether).

The game, called SO5 , is based on a virtual tournament that keeps track of the real performance of the players on the pitch, accessible from a dedicated area ( Gaming Arena ) of the site. The game is open to all people who are over 18 at the time of registration, who are regularly registered in the services provided by Sorare and who meet the necessary conditions to participate, while it is forbidden for a user to create more than one account. To participate, the user must have at least five Collectibles, including a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a forward. Each collectible can only be used in the composition of a team. Therefore, the same collector’s item cannot make up two different teams.

Participants can enter the tournament of their choice by submitting a Team of five Collectibles representing five different players and containing at least one goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward and selecting a captain from the ” Collectibles ” presented. There are different types of tournaments depending on the level of the Collectibles that make up the teams: All Star League ,  Under 23 Championship,  Regional Leagues,  Training Championship and  Weekly Challenges .

There are numerous teams that have the official license of the platform (to be exact, at the moment there are 136) and, in addition to the aforementioned Inter, Juventus, Naples, Rome and Lazio, there are also top clubs such as Ajax, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Monaco, Benfica, Galatasaray, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, River Plate, Valencia and Zenit Saint Petersburg .

Overall, the Italian teams present on the Fantasy Football platform rise to 11, confirming the close link between Nft (Non fungible token) and sport.

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