Ethereum, a new processor is as fast as 32 NVIDIA 3080 cards. Gamers will get their beloved video cards back

Video cards will soon return to being gamers, obviously within the limits of a semiconductor crisis that is severely hitting the entire electronics and information technology sector. Bitmain, perhaps the largest Chinese company that produces products to mine cryptocurrencies, has in fact announced the arrival on the market of the new Antminer E9, a computer for mining based on a brand new ASIC programmed to perform at its best with the Ethereum algorithm.

Today, NVIDIA’s GeForce cards with GPU amps are the most requested products to mine Ethereum, so much so that NVIDIA has had to run for cover to prevent cards dedicated to the consumer world from ending up in the hands of those who instead wanted to build machines to mine. He added a limiter, and created a range of non-video output cards dedicated precisely to the math necessary to extract the precious fragments. All this was not enough.

Antminer E9 represents the first real enemy of NVIDIA video cards: the new ASIC inside it manages to reach, according to the manufacturer’s statements, a hash rate of 3 GH / s, or a speed equivalent to that achievable with 32 NVIDIA RTX 3080 (94 MH / s each) or with 25 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 (120 MH / s each).

All with a consumption of “only” 2556W, much lower than that required by graphics cards . Just to make a comparison if we take the CMP 30HX, one of the NVIDIA cards designed specifically for mining, the new Antminer E9 can replace 115 of them.

How huge this business is is shown by the first numbers: Hut 8 Mining Corporation, one of the largest Chinese mining companies, has ordered NVIDIA $ 30 million worth of CMP cards.

NVIDIA will not be happy with it at all: in the last quarter almost 250 million dollars of NVIDIA’s turnover came precisely from the sale of products for cryptocurrencies and thanks to the arrival of the new series dedicated to mining, combined with the boom in currencies , NVIDIA has adjusted upward the estimates for the next quarters .

The Antminer E9, when it hits the market, will become the preferred solution for large companies engaged in this lucrative business. However, the players will be happy: the availability of cards will inevitably grow. Partly because no one will be interested in stocking up on consumer cards anymore, partly because NVIDIA will have to produce fewer cards for mining and will use those GPUs for cards destined for computers. It now remains to understand, in the midst of the semiconductor crisis, when Bitmain will make Antminer E9 available and above all how many it will be able to produce.

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