sudden collapse after making the record

Yesterday’s growth that led to a new all-time high in the value of Ethereum soon gave way to a trend reversal and a consequent sharp fall in the price: after reaching $ 2,645.14, the currency fell again losing about $ 500 in less than a day.

ETH slips, immediately after recording the maximum value

At the time this article is written and published, it is trading at $ 2,156.85. Therefore, those who have chosen to invest hoping for a further surge, now find themselves having to deal with a part of the capital that has gone up in smoke. Nothing new in the world of cryptocurrencies , as Bitcoin has also accustomed us to.

The value of Ethereum and its variation in the last 24 hours

Ethereum: the value in the last 24 hours (22 – 23 April 2021)

The graph below shows the continuous fluctuation in the ETH value recorded over the last seven days.

The value of Ethereum and its variation in the last week

Ethereum: the value in the last week (16 – 23 April 2021)

However, looking at the phenomenon from a broader perspective, the growth trend that has affected Ethereum in the last month clearly emerges. It has gone from $ 1,680 on March 23 to the current $ 2,150.

The value of Ethereum and its variation over the last month

Ethereum: the value in the last month (23 March – 23 April 2021)

In any case, what happened between yesterday and today constitutes yet another confirmation of how to put your hand in your wallet and quickly convert your savings into a virtual currency, driven by the desire to obtain an immediate profit, exposes you to the risk of volatility . It is good to always carefully evaluate before jumping on an exchange : given the unpredictability inherent in the very nature of crypto, as well as in the dynamics and exchanges that take place between the nodes of the blockchains, the probability of gain and loss is often the same. .

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