Will Ethereum Price Overtake Bitcoin? Mark Cuban explains why

Mark Cuban’s predictions break a taboo: Ethereum is set to overtake Bitcoin. Will it really be like this?

We are used to considering a fact that the best cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, with Ethereum destined to be the eternal second (actually, in the past, there was a time when XRP was the second largest crypto by capitalization behind it of BTC). What if sooner or later this balance should be broken? In this article we will talk about a topic that many of our readers could judge as fictional finance: the possibility that the price of Ethereum could exceed that of Bitcoin . To date, this scenario seems to be very remote as the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies 2021it is very defined. However, no one can put their hand on the fire and affirm that this balance is destined to last forever and therefore remain immutable.

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Among the experts convinced that sooner or later there will be a turning point with the price of Ethereum destined to surpass Bitcoin is the entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

In the next paragraphs we will analyze what his point of view is. Before dealing with this, however, we would like to point out that the possibility that in the future the price of ETH exceeds that of Bitcoin is not a problem for the retail investor. Today, in fact, it is possible to invest in different cryptocurrencies using a single platform. Brokers like eToro (review here) allow you to trade on Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other digital assets without having to switch from one platform to another. If you have not yet discovered the advantages of a platform like that of eToro, you can try it in demo mode by following the image below.

Why Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin: Mark Cuban’s predictions

Speaking on a podcast hosted by journalist Shin, the Cuban entrepreneur did not hide his clear preference for Ethereum. According to Cuban, Bitcoin is too complicated a cryptocurrency while Ether has always been characterized by greater agility. This is his opinion that many of our readers (not wrongly) could brand as the result of a personal evaluation.

And in fact this is not the reason why an entrepreneur like Cuban has pushed himself to open the door to the possibility that the price of Ethereum can exceed that of Bitcoin. The real reason for the hypothesized overshoot is connected to ETH 2.0, an update that could make Bitcoin pale.

Ethereum 2.0 could be the turning point able to shake the primacy of Bitcoin . In this regard, Cuban believes that applications based on the use of smart contracts and extensions on Ethereum will undermine bitcoin. Today, the entrepreneur continued, “ bitcoin has mainly become a store of value, and it’s very difficult to use it for something else. It is necessary to work much harder on bitcoin than on ethereum “.

Mark Cuban’s point of view can therefore be summarized as follows: since Bitcoin has now become a store of value , it will be Ethereum that guarantees what is the main purpose of cryptocurrencies, namely to become a widespread payment instrument. Will it really be like this? Is this what awaits investors?

Regardless of what the scenarios may be, the advice is to immediately learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you are a novice investor who has never traded digital assets before, we recommend that you read our guide on how to trade online from scratch (ideal for beginners). You can then open a demo account with a broker to practice. We suggest eToro because this broker also allows you to copy the strategies of the best traders and this is a great advantage for beginners. You can try the Copy Trading tool in demo mode.

Is overcoming Ethereum on Bitcoin really possible?

Marc Cuban’s position on the possible end of Bitcoin’s primacy must be contextualized. The entrepreneur did not talk about prices but it is assumed that if his hypothesis were to occur, there would be a boom in the quotation of Ethereum and a drop in that of Bitcoin.

In one year Ethereum has registered a leap of 200 percent but from here to see in this appreciation a sign of the veracity of the Cuban theory passes, it being understood that the Ethereum 2021 forecasts are very encouraging.

The truth is that Ethereum in the last period has been benefiting from the hype of the non-fungible token market that sees ETH as the most important currency for payments.

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